Great live livescore site that's available for free

Every day literally hundreds of webpages dedicated to football make their apparition on the internet. They are of varying quality. Some of them are quite good, while others are quite bad. A new website that recently appeared in the world is This portal has challenged some names already established in the livescore realm, offering its great football services and much more. In fact, some of the features that this platform offers that are not available anywhere else are:

  • Full mobile compatibility, from the general menu to specific results and statistics from matches. Smartphone users will immediately notice how easy it is to employ this portal.
  • A great alert system that will send push notifications to the user every time that something important happens in a tournament or team that they follow.
  • Thousands of matches are covered every day, meaning that virtually any championship that can be imagined will appear at livescores.
And the best thing about this website is that everything can be used for absolutely free. There are no hidden fees or scams behind. The millions of followers of this portal can give testimony of this.

Who should visit livescores?

The simple answer is everybody. The longer answer states that the website features matches from the most popular and followed competitions around the world. However, it also offers a great coverage from other leagues with millions of passionate local fans. This is a group of people that basically has been ignored by other websites, and they feel very thankful with for providing a great service that helps them to follow the tournaments and teams that they love. Many people could say that this is too much information for a single website to handle. However, this is not the case, because the team behind has worked extremely hard in order to ensure that navigating between matches, tournaments and features is extremely easy, and never takes more than a few clicks, or taps and seconds. Summarizing, nowadays virtually all services must ensure full compatibility with mobile devices in order to keep their followers. offers a unique football experience that is not found in any other livescore website, both in terms of total number of features, as well as the full compatibility with both smartphones and tablets. Those have been some of the key factors behind the success of this portal.